An abstract representation of how the brain responds to music accompanied by live electronic music from Benjamin Winter.

Rehearsal footage filmed by Lewis Palfrey

Performed at ArtNumber 23, Bermondsey on the 26th, 27th and 28th of April

Dancers -- Michelle Rose, Jem Bentham, Katy Higgins

Restart the World

A collaboration between the alternative pop trio KYOTI and TOBY. Featuring company director and choreographer Katy Higgins and company dancer Michelle Rose, directed by Nuri Moseinco.

Restart the World is about feeling powerless in a quickly changing world. We are slowly losing our humanity and giving it over to machines. Our collective memory is being eroded, falling in to the endless sea. We need to start again.

Filmed and directed by Nuri Moseinco

Edited by Jordan Michael

Dancers: Michelle Rose and Katy Higgins


The term 'feminism' was coined in 1837, but gender equality -- or lack thereof -- still casts a long shadow over modern British society. TOBY dance company and the students of London Studio Centre will explore the monotony and constrictions of stereotypical gender roles through intense physical performance; exploring mainstream modern perplexities regarding the subversion of everyday gender performance and hierarchy, and the harm that rigid gender binaries inflicts on all of us. 

Filmed by Kaia Goodenough

Performed on the 9th of November 2018

Dancers --

Larissa Daunat, Abigail Attard Montalto, Melanie Little, Zoe Pearson,

Lauren Case, Holly Chandler, Emily Long, Francesca Heald, Donna Van Thuijl, Laura Bratek, Ida Kummervold, Annika Makela, Isabella Fiume, Felicity Bray


Memory informs our everyday lives, but what triggers our recollection of past personal experiences? TOBY explores memory recollection through movement and live electronic music.

Do you remember locking your front door this morning? No? How about your first heartbreak?

Our memories are strongly linked to our emotions, they play a vital part in how we remember specific events. The stronger the emotion felt, the more vivid the memory.

These types of memories are described as episodic or autobiographical and are the focal point of this work. Each dancer explores their own episodic memories with the aid of live electronic music from Benjamin Winter, creating an environment in which the audience becomes more aware of their own memory recollections.

Full performance at The Place for Resolution 2018, 13th January.

Performed on the 13th January 2018.
Dancers -- Jem Bentham, Michelle Rose, Abigail Attard-Montalto, Larissa Daunat, Susannah Shaw

a closer spectacle

Will social media be beneficial or detrimental to society?

A closer spectacle is a reworking of Katy Higgins practical dissertation that she completed whilst studying at London Studio centre. It looks at the side of social media that encourages negative and bullying behaviour that can affect us in our day to day lives outside of the social media world.  

Filmed by Joseph Boyle.
Performed on the 4th October 2017.
Dancers -- Jem Bentham, Michelle Rose, Abigail Attard-Montalto, Katy Higgins