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On the 31st of January we presented a reworking of L*dyL*ke at The Place for Resolution2020

L*dyL*ke is a f*ck you to the struggles we still face from the monotonous gender binaries inflicted on all of us. Fourteen powerful women perform an intense piece of work that physically explores the sheer frustration and despair of the never ending cycle to achieve gender equality.

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of April we debuted SCHEMA alongside Kaia Goodenough Dance as a part of Synapse etc. This intimate double bill brings two explorations of how the brain and emotions respond in different scenarios. TOBY creates an abstract representation of how the brain responds to music whilst Kaia Goodenough presents an investigation into the pursuit of happiness and the cliches that are embedded within our lives.


This work debuted at ArtNumber23, Bermondsey - Keep your eyes peeled for further performance dates.

In late October we spent three days in residence with the students at London Studio Centre to create a new piece of work L*dyL*ke. Alongside the students, TOBY debuted this work on the 9th of November at Woman.ish. A night of female work curated by Kaia Goodenough at artsdepot, London.


On the 25th of April 2018 we took part in an open rehearsal with Kaleidoscopic arts. We performed Episodic86 alongside Meta4. The event took place at Centre 151 in Hackney. We also took this peice to The Courtyard theatre in Hereford to perform at I.D night, organised by 2faced dance company on the 19th of April 2018. 

On the 13th of January 2018 we debuted our brand new work Episodic86 as part of Resolution 2018 at The Place. We explored the links between memory and emotion using live electronic music and movement. Benjamin Winter designed an original sound track for the piece.

We performed a reworking of a previous piece, Spectacle 2.0 as part of Linger/Beyond at London Studio Centre on the 04/10/17. It has been renamed a closer spectacle and is a comment on the effects social media has on our day to day lives.


We performed our previous creation 

Smashbangchangalang as part of Room Festival 2017 at artsdepot on the 23/11/17. Originally created back in January 2014 it was created as a light hearted approach to the sometimes serious nature of contemporary dance.