TOBY is led by Katy Higgins. Katy started her dance training in Colchester at Colchester School of Dance. She then went onto study Contemporary dance at the Colchester Institute and completed her degree, graduating with First Class Honours in theatre dance, at London Studio Centre where she was a part of the INTOTO dance company, directed by Sue Booker and Leesa Phillips. Whilst in the company she worked with Luke Brown, Gemma Nixon, Freddie Opoku Addaie. Katy takes influence from her training in multiple different styles, but has found that contemporary dance gives her the platform to showcase her own style and seek out other performers who take on her creative visions. 


Katy focuses her works on current societal difficulties - these range from the effect social media has on society, feminism in the 21st century and also to the research into the effects of music on people living with Dementia, as we are now living longer than ever before. Music is one of her main choreographic influences, once the idea for a piece has been decided the next step is finding the music or musician to accompany the work.

Katy is also really passionate about yoga and is currently living in Berlin and teaching yoga classes around the city. Her teaching style is powerful, energetic and most importantly full of fun! She completed her 200 hour teaching training at Y4ALL in Mitte and as a professional dancer is fascinated with how the body moves and how powerful it can be.


Katy's main aim when teaching yoga is to leave her students feeling fulfilled, energized and hopefully a little bit sweaty! Powerful vinyasa flows are her signature style but there are always modifications available for those who need it - Yoga should be for everyone and Katy wants to encourage everyone to come along and give her class a try. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to try!

But most importantly - you need to be able to laugh at yourself and not take things too seriously. If you are present and breathing you are doing yoga so don't put pressure on yourself to have the "perfect" practice.