TOBY is a small collective of contemporary dance artists.

We came together in late 2017 and have created new works and performed at several venues throughout the UK.


Katy Higgins, the director and choreographer for TOBY, embraces the individual energy and characteristics of each individual performer. Each company member has their own movement style which brings a unique element to the TOBY vibe.

Katy focuses her works on current societal difficulties - these range from the effect social media has on society, feminism in the 21st century and also to the research into the effects of music on people living with Dementia, as we are now living longer than ever before. Music is one of her main choreographic influences, once the idea for a piece has been decided the next step is finding the music or musician to accompany the work.

Head to our company works page to see the pieces TOBY has created.

Photo: Michelle Rose